Ham Tartar and Emulsified Vinaigrette

30 min.


  • – 400g of ham center
  • – 20g of rocket sprouts
  • – 20g of wakame seaweed

For The Emulsified Vinaigrette:

  • – 100 ml of 0,4 olive oil
  • – 50 ml of honey
  • – 25 ml of Jerez vinegar
  • – Salt


Chop the ham in 1 cm cubes and reserve. Clean the seaweed and the rocket by submerging them in water and reserve.

To prepare the emulsified vinaigrette, heat the vinegar and honey until it is homogeneous and assemble the oil. Season to taste.

To Finish:

Mix the ham with the vinaigrette, and with the help of a circular mold of about 5 cm  place it. To decorate put the rocket sprouts and the seaweed on top.