Mush With Ham And Chorizo

60 min.


  • – 200 g of bacon
  • –  200 g of fresh chorizo
  • – 1g of sweet pepper
  • – 6 garlic cloves
  • –  ½ spicy pepper (ñora)
  • – 1 chilli pepper
  • –  300g of grass pea
  • 2 L of mineral water
  • – Extra virgin olive oil

To go with

  • – 75 g fried bread
  • – 100 g of chopped ham
  • – 150g of chopped chorizo
  • – Fresh herbs(basil, mint)


Coocked the garlic in the olive oil together with the spicy pepper and the chilli pepper. Once golden, remove the oil and add the bacon and chorizo.

Remove the chorizo ​​and the bacon and reserve its oil, to which will add the grass pea that will fry for 7 min. Then add 3 liters of water, paprika and the ingredients that we had previously fried and extracted from the oil: garlic, chilli, ñora, chorizo ​​and bacon. We cook everything together for 10 min. Strain and then go to a siphon with a load and we keep it hot to serve.

To finish:

In a deep dish, add the mush and then the rest of the ingredients: ham, chorizo, bread and finally the herbs to give a fresh touch.