8 Keyfactors of the Sector
  • 1
    Animal Welfare
    Spain applies European Union regulations, an international benchmark in space, feed, veterinary care and livestock living conditions. The world’s most advanced regulations on animal welfare.
  • 2
    “European production model”, leadingedge environmental protection.
  • 3
    Employment & Rural Development
    300.000 in direct employment and 1.3 million in indirect. Mainly in rural áreas.
  • 4
    Food Safety
    “Farm to table” traceability to control all phases and guarantee maximun safety.
  • 5
    Pig farming is the most important livestock sector in Spain.
  • 6
    Millions of euros invested in R+D+i for farms and the farming industry.
  • 7
    Continuous training of 
personnel at all levels, to ensure
 the best practice and specialization.
  • 8
    Spain is the world’s third largest pork exporter. Present in more than 130 countries.