Who are we?

The most lovers of the pork.

The Interprofessional Organization Agrifood of the Porcino of White Coat (INTERPORC), is a non-profit organization which all sectors of the value chain of White coat porcine are represented: Production, transformation and commercialization. It is the most important Interprofessional oranization in the meat sector due to the volume of pork production in our country.


What is it and where we are.

It is a Road Show that will visit strategic locations in the United Kingdom and Spain, we have organized that, finanded by the European Union in order to announce White-coat pork. We travel the places with our bus developing activities for all types of public such as home, children, catering, schools,etc, with cooking courses, informative workshops on the nutritional values of this meat to promote the healthy way of life and so present in our Mediterranean diet.

Our Pork Lovers has been in…

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